10 to 20 Year Vision for Bay View

Amended January, 2016, Approval of Amendments March 23, 2016.

Amended February 14, 2020, Approval of Amendments March 23, 2020.

Amended and approved February 19, 2022.


A vision provides a common goal for Bay View. It gives all of us something to move toward. It is a target for all committees, Trustees, and members, and a driving force for all strategic plans. Additionally, it tells the surrounding communities, as well as prospective members and potential visitors, what Bay View is hoping to become in the future.


Bay View offers unique experiences and opportunities to members and visitors alike in a beautiful historical summer place on Lake Michigan we call “home.”

It is an exceptional, open, Chautauqua community of intergenerational families that also welcomes new members who agree to respect and preserve the history and values of the Association: “To enrich the human experience for individuals and families within Bay View and the surrounding community through a seasonal program of religious, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities,” in a manner consistent with Christian values.¹

Supported by a robust financial condition, Bay View is passionate about maintaining a supportive, caring and affordable community that values families, inspirational fellowship, spiritual growth, volunteerism, safety, and its environment.

Bay View is a very special place that serves to exemplify the merits of relaxation, revitalization, reconnection and restoration.

¹such as love, faith, grace, hope, respect, hospitality, and service to others.

Bay View Association, Emmet County, Michigan. Bay View, Michigan, is one of the finest remaining examples of two uniquely American community forms, the Methodist camp meeting and the independent Chautauqua. Designed for the first purpose in 1876 as the country’s only romantically planned campground, and adapted for the second from 1885 to 1915, Bay View constitutes an extraordinarily well executed ideal Victorian community which, because of its continuing corporate existence and the ongoing collective values of its membership, remains in an excellent state of preservation of both form and spirit. Bay View is a major example of American religious, cultural, social, and educational ideals embodied in an artistically shaped community plan.

Supporting Details

  • The Bay View Association is a non-gated, family-oriented Chautauqua listed on the Nation Register of Historical Places.
  • Bay View honors its Christian heritage.
  • Bay View remains unique among Chautauquas with its Christian focus, Victorian architecture, and pristine surroundings.
  • Bay View remains a seasonal community.
  • Bay View continually seeks to enhance the quality and variety of its four programming areas of Education, Performing Arts, Recreation, and Worship and Religious Life.
  • Bay View’s worship services and lectures feature renowned speakers, provide spiritual nourishment and inspire growth.
  • Bay View’s programming includes activities and educational opportunities for all ages.
  • Bay View’s programs contribute to the financial sustainability of Bay View.
  • Bay View’s programming includes some programs that provide a Christian perspective in a changing world.
  • Bay View conscientiously maintains its buildings, infrastructure, and grounds in an environmentally sensitive way.
  • On Bay View grounds, traffic volume and speed is minimized and safety is maximized.
  • Bay View has a committee responsible for guiding the community toward maximizing environmental friendliness and sustainability.
  • Bay View’s cottages are primarily owner-occupied.
  • Bay View actively attracts new lease-holding members as well as associate members who share Bay View’s values, add to its vitality, and, volunteer in its programs and the programs of surrounding communities.
  • Bay View is fully embraced by citizens of the surrounding communities, their governing bodies, and their leadership.
  • Bay View’s successful outreach to the surrounding communities has resulted in the sharing of facilities and programs, as well as improving our understanding of each other.
  • Visitors of all faiths and traditions are welcomed to Bay View and may find rest and renewal here.
  • The Association supports its programming, facilities, and campus through a fair distribution of costs among its lease-holding members, associate members, and non-member participants in its programs.
  • Grants and endowments provide 3% of its annual budget.
  • Bay View is run in a cost-effective manner that allows cottage owners to enjoy Bay View at an affordable price.
  • There is ample funding for any infrastructure improvements necessary to ensure that community buildings are properly maintained and improvements to the Beach, Parks and Woods can be made to preserve their recreational value.
  • Bay View cottage owners are able to establish Bay View as their homestead.
  • Property taxes are equitable.
  • Use of our public buildings is maximized during the shoulder seasons both for the financial benefit as well as for purposes of connecting Bay View to the surrounding communities.
  • The Board of Trustees operates as a policy board.
  • The Board of Trustees, Executive Director, Program Directors, and other professional staff actively support this vision of Bay View, as evidenced by both words and deeds, and have the skills to implement it.
  • Bay View’s employees and citizens of surrounding communities consider Bay View a great place to work.
  • Communication among all levels of the Bay View community, especially between the Trustees and the members is timely and accurate.
  • Bay View uses relevant technologies to support its day-to-day activities and to support member needs.
  • The leaders and citizens of the local communities are aware of the many programs and activities we offer; they are also aware of the variety of ways we contribute to, and support, the local communities.